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Moving in ? Get your tenancy deposit protected !

Or claim compensation if your deposit is not protected !
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Moving into a new rented property ? Do you know that it’s your landlord’s responsibility to protect your tenancy deposit in a government-backed scheme ? The average deposit is worth ~ £1000. To secure this money against abuse and unfair deductions, you landlord should submit the money to a deposit protection scheme in a short period after the beginning of the tenancy.

We created this information pack to help you learn your rights and responsibilities, so you can keep your deposit and landlord in check.

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  • An easy to consume PDF E-guide – your rights and responsibilities
  • Template letters ready to send out
  • Useful  contact to organisations that can help

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I didn't know about deposit protection, until my landlord tried to deduct £300 for cleaning. He dropped the charge, when I told him I can go to court and claim compensation.
Jason Lewis
My landlord tried to keep my deposit and not put it in a scheme. He only protected it two months after I started chasing him. The template letters were really useful, cause I have a hard time with words.
Catherine Price

What’s in the pack ?

deposit protection pdf guide

Get your deposit protected or Claim your compensation

Moving in ? Get your deposit protected – Our e-guide, included in this pack,  will take you through a crash course on tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities. 

If your landlord fails to protect your deposit within the proper period, you can claim compensation in the county court for up to 3 times the deposit amount. Get actionable advice on how to communicate with your landlord; how to manage expectations and how fast can you move things forward.

5 Template letters ready to be sent to your landlord

You don’t need to spend hours staring at a blank email, wondering how to phrase your words. We’ve packed 5 template letters to help you talk to your landlord efficiently and achieve faster results.

Downloaded 212 times in the last 30 days by The Tenants’ Voice community.