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Moving out ? Get your deposit back !

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Are you getting ready to move out of your rented property ? Don’t forget to get your deposit back ! With the average deposit worth ~ £1000, it’s very important to get all of it back when your tenancy ends.

We created this information pack to help you learn your rights and responsibilities, so you can successfully claim your deposit back, even if your landlord has something else on their mind.

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  • An easy to consume PDF E-guide – your rights and responsibilities
  • Template letters ready to send out
  • Useful  contact to organisations that can help

Downloaded 212 times in the last 30 days by The Tenants’ Voice community. 

My ex landlady tried to charge me from my deposit for a cooker that never worked while I lived in the flat. This guide was useful to learn my rights and fight off the charges.
Jennifer Stone
I got into a huge dispute with my landlord about my entire deposit. With this guide I was able to negotiate on all but one deduction, so I got to take almost all of my money back.
Kate Peters

What’s in the pack ?

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Get your deposit back – Negotiate with your landlord successfully

Moving out ? Get Your Deposit Back – Our e-guide, included in this pack,  will take you through a crash course on tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities. 

You want to get your money back when you leave the property. To do that you must make sure that the property is in good condition and there are no issues surrounding your move. This guide will help you get ready for moving and successfully claiming your money! 

Get actionable advice on how to communicate with your landlord; how to manage expectations and how fast can you move things forward.

2 Template letters ready to be sent to your landlord

You don’t need to spend hours staring at a blank email, wondering how to phrase your words. We’ve packed 2 template letters to help you talk to your landlord efficiently and achieve faster results.

Downloaded 212 times in the last 30 days by The Tenants’ Voice community.