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Utilities cost thousands of pounds over the course of a year. Whether you own your home or live in a rented one, it’s important to use the most efficient contracts for gas an electricity to pay less for the same amount of energy. Similarly, your contracts for mobile phone, Internet and TV are a significant part of your monthly expenses.

The Tenants’ Voice has partnered with Slothmove to bring you amazing deals on switching your home utilities, mobile phone, broadband and TV contracts. Compare and pick the most cost-effective plan for your needs with Slothmove!

Switch and get a better deal for your utilities! Browse the latest offers by slothmove!

Secure your bills in minutes

  • Gas & Electricity
  • Home insurance
  • Broadband and TV
  • Mobile phone contracts
  • SIM only plans

Gas & Electricity deals

Save up to £482/yr* on your dual-fuel energy bills. Switch now and pay less automatically. We’ll arrange the switch with your current and future provider. No service visits needed.

Home Insurance deals

Compare quotes from leading insurance providers – RSA, Legal & General and many more. Use the tools to optimise and personalise your plan and get the best price for your needs.

smart home

Broadband and TV deals

Type in your postcode to see the best offers for your area.  Test your Internet speed and compare your plan. Switch in just a few minutes.

instant notifications

Mobile phone deals

Want a new phone? Choose from a huge list of pay monthly phone deals with great service contracts. All the latest phones are available.

SIM only deals

Keep your phone and get a SIM only contract. Get everything you want and pay less by switching to the most economical plans.

Save up to £482 on gas and electricity per year!

Switch your utility services contract and secure your bills!

Stop wasting money on inefficient energy plans.  As time goes by, energy suppliers are coming out with better deals and tariffs for new or savvy customers. If your contract is a few years old, it’s likely to be outdated, meaning you pay more for the same energy than a  customer who signs a new contract.

If you never bother to check, you may sit on the same old plan, paying hundreds of pounds per year more than your neighbour.  Slothmove is a free comparison service which helps you compare your plan with all the latest offers and find a better deal.

Get the most current offers for your locations and switch your gas and electricity contract in just a few minutes and a couple of taps on your mobile device or desktop PC. Slothmove will make it all happen for free.

How does slothmove work

Following the link to Slothmove, you need to enter your postcode, meter type and, for a more accurate comparison, your average monthly consumption.  Use your latest energy bill for the best results.

After adding in your information, slothmove will analyse and display the best offers that are available in your area. You can compare them to your current plan and pick the best contract for your home.

Slothmove will handle the procedures and paperwork for you and liaise with your current and your new chosen provider to make the switch. Your energy will come through the same pipes and wires, so there won’t be any engineers visiting.  You will hear from your new supplier within 2 weeks to confirm the switch. You will receive a pack of paperwork to review from your new supplier and that is everything you need to do.

Tenants can change their utility provider too!

You can benefit from an energy switch even if you don’t own the property you live in.

In general, tenants who use the default assured shorthold tenancy are responsible for their own bills and utilities. If you’re responsible for the gas and electricity bills and it’s your name on the contract, you’re free to choose your own supplier. The landlord cannot and should not interfere with your switch. However, we advise that you review your tenancy agreement and contact your landlord to ensure that you don’t run into trouble.

There are tenancies that fall outside of this category. Often HMO tenants are not responsible for their own energy contracts since they share the same property with other people. In such cases, usually, the landlord manages the contract and divides the expenses adding them to the monthly or weekly rent. If this is your scenario, you will need to negotiate with the landlord to make the switch.  If it’s beneficial to all tenants, they shouldn’t mind.

Lodgers, who occupy a room in the landlord’s home will most of the time not have control over their own bills. In such cases, you need to communicate with your landlord and convince them a change of energy supplier will reduce their own bills.

Keep the house warm this winter! Pay less for the same gas and electricity you use!

Was very doubtful about having to go through this organisation just to change tariffs within our existing supplier. However Kelly managed the job beautifully.
Morgan Burke
I searched slothmove and then called staff there to examine energy supply alternatives. Took around 30 minutes to complete changing to a money saving alternative. Process made simple and clear by Beth
Nathan Ali

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