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My very good landlord

You will know within minutes whether you are going to get on, and whether on not the person will be a good landlord, from the answers to your questions.

good landlord

On my way to work this morning I spotted Brian, my landlord’s father, sitting in his car outside my lovely flat.  I truly love where I live in a community of tastefully designed flats next to a river with beautifully landscaped gardens.

I knew Brian was waiting for a Gas Safe engineer to conduct the annual safety check on the gas appliances in my home.  Noticing a bit of a nip in the air, I told Brian to let himself in and make a cup of tea so that he could read his paper in comfort.

“Are you sure, Emma?” he asked, “Is your cat locked in the bedroom?

I have a recently acquired gorgeous Bengal cat and he is quite young and nervous of strangers.  “It’s OK Brian” I responded “as soon as you walk in the door he will fly under the bed, and then when you’ve sat down with your tea, he’ll be so curious he will probably end up sitting on your lap.”

Brian went off to make his tea and I went to work.

My relationship with Kevin, my landlord has always been great. He really is a very good landlord. His Dad is a qualified plumber and although I haven’t had many problems, I can honestly say that the moment there is one Brian arrives.  He’s not only a good plumber but extremely good at fixing things around the house.

When I moved into my flat, I found it through letting agents who showed me around the flat and were extremely helpful.  I noticed that the flat needed decorating and asked if this would be done before I moved in.  Kevin was not in a position to decorate it prior to the date that I wanted to move in and offered me a £100 per month reduction for the first year so that I could either decorate it myself or get someone in to do it.  It’s only a one bedroom flat so I agreed.  The reduction continued throughout the second year and my rent was only put up by £50 per month this year.  Comparable flats in the complex are significantly more expensive.

I have absolutely no complaints about my landlord or the letting agents who only had a brief input at the beginning of the tenancy agreement.

I recently married and my new husband has two children from a previous relationship.  If there was a larger flat that was affordable in the same complex we would rent it and if my landlord had another property that was suitable I would be over the moon.  Unfortunately he doesn’t so we will ultimately have to move.

When I was making my wedding plans I asked Kevin if he would have any objections to my husband moving into the flat with me and he said “it’s your home Emma, you don’t need to ask.”  This demonstrates further what a considerate and good landlord he is.

My one big concern about moving is how I will be able to find another good landlord like the one I have.

My advice to tenants is to make sure you meet your landlord, if he or she is going to be the person responsible for repairs and ask as many questions as necessary BEFORE signing the tenancy agreement.  You will know within minutes whether you are going to get on, and whether on not the person will be a good landlord, from the answers to your questions.  Mine answered all of mine and has looked after me in much the same way as any other service provider.  I pay my rent and he provides the services that he offered.  Perfect!

Would I recommend him and the letting agents? Absolutely!

Emma McKnight, Southampton

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