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The rental property of the future features robots, bio gel and smart baths

How technology could change life for tenants

the rental property of the future features robots bio gel and smart baths

Technology is something most of us either love, or love to hate but – like it or not – when it comes to our homes it’s about to start taking over. No, we’re not talking about ice dispensing fridges or a robot maid (so 20th century) but smart technology that will create more responsive furnishings and potentially make life easier when it comes to household chores. But what are these exciting inventions and how might they benefit the tenants of the future?

The zero energy bio refrigerator

Landlords who install the zero energy bio refrigerator could potentially save tenants a wad of cash when it comes to energy costs, which will be invaluable given the rises in rent and electricity. The fridge is filled with a non-sticky, odourless bio gel – just push your groceries into it and they will stay suspended and cool until you need them so fridges can be smaller and more efficient too.

The smart hydro bath

A bath that you can control from your smart phone – fill it up while you’re on your way home, turn it off if you accidentally left it running and you’re elsewhere in the property, plus it can be set to clean itself. No more lost deposits from water damage or a bath that hasn’t been cleaned during the entire tenancy (we’re sure you don’t do that).

Interactive window screens

If you always end up paying over the odds for a rental property simply for the views then those days will soon be over thanks to interactive window screens. Instead of wasting all that money on rent to look out over a park or green fields, simply install the screens and you can change your vista daily, from mist-shrouded mountains through to a view of a beautiful beach.

The dining pod

One of the biggest issues most tenants face is a lace of space, particularly given the cost of renting somewhere sizeable. Thanks to advances in technology, furniture, furnishings and features are becoming much more responsive to this and the dining pod is a prime example. Seating up to six people when open, the dining pod shuts down into a (relatively) small sphere when not in use, looking just like a piece of modern art. Cool and clever.

The dry washer

In a decade or so we’ll apparently be moving away from washing machines and instead using a superconductive ball filled with liquid nitrogen. The dry washer uses no water whatsoever and dries clothes too, so landlords no longer have the excuse that they can’t install a washer drier because of the plumbing logistics.

The robotic vacuum cleaner

We couldn’t resist including at least one robot and the robotic vacuum cleaner is definitely an advantage, particularly for those in shared properties living with housemates. The robot can be programmed to keep those carpets spotless, saving rows over who does cleaning and making sure there’s no danger of losing your deposit as a result grotty floor coverings. Plus, the robot can be set to detect intruders and can be programmed to spy via a camera linked to your smart phone if you want to find out who’s always stealing your milk.

What would your rented house of the future look like and what inventions do you think would make life easier for tenants?

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